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This site is powered by Dotclear and uses my own custom theme, called "China". Interested by this theme? Want to use it in your personnal projects? Here is the place to retrieve the code and get started!

Version 1 "Happiness Red"

Screenshot v1.x

This first version of the theme was derived from the dcChristmas theme, originally written by Mathieu M.. As its parent, it is available under the terms of the GNU/GPL.

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Version 2 "Green Orchid"

Screenshot v2.x

This is the current version of the theme and a complete rewrite, still available under the terms of the GNU/GPL1, featuring an improved and modernized responsive, mobile-friendly design.

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Legal aspects "Standing on the shoulders of giants"

In addition to Dotclear, the current version of the theme (2.4.0) is based on the following components:

  • Boostrap, the excellent HTML/CSS/JS framework providing most of the responsive behavior of the theme.
  • Glyphicons, the collection of symbols coming with Bootstrap that I use intensively within the theme.
  • Oxygen Icons, from the KDE project, to beautify smileys written in articles and comments.
  • jQuery, a small Javascript library that does wonders to hide the different browser's specificities.
  • jQuery replaceText, a jQuery plugin that I use to give a bigger, more readable font to Chinese text.
  • jQuery resize, a jQuery plugin to detect the resizing of the browser window.
  • jQuery stoc, a jQuery plugin to generate the article's table of contents, with some bug fixing of my own.

1 If you need this theme under a more business-friendly license, please contact me.